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Sarah Perez, Liberal Arts

I have always enjoyed history, specifically American History. I have always felt in middle/high school that teachers weren’t giving us the full story of historical events. When it comes to African American history I feel American history would not be fulfilled with out the knowledge of slavery and activism of African Americans in this nation.

Santana Alvarado, Sociology

African American history was helped my understanding of this society and how our imperialist white supremacist patriarchal capitalist system came to be, which helps me to more fully critically think of ways to combat the oppression rampant against Black communities across the nation and around world.  African American history tells the history of people who are full of spirit, struggle, and commitment to life giving liberation and love. It has been a course that empowers me and broadens my understanding and perspective.

Yubelka Cynthia Nuñez, Pscyhology

I chose to take African American History because I wanted to learn more about a people whose history had, unfortunately, been invisible and underrepresented through most of my educational experiences. I was initially inspired by lectures I attended at the Global Citizenship Alliance Seminar in Salzburg, Austria in the Spring of 2016. The lectures provided by Dr. Tazalika opened my eyes to the invisibility of the black body in architecture (design and space), and history. From that curiosity, emerged my interest in the History of New York and African Americans. After taking A History of New York course with Dr. Kanakamedala, my interest in African American history grew stronger.

Lydia Cunningham, Liberal Arts

Being an African American herself, she feels that this class is not only relevant to the times but essential in learning about African American history.


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